2022 Ice Cream Social

What do you do when the temperatures move above triple digits? Have an ice cream social! 

July 9th members converged on George’s museum for a cool event.  Here is DJ’s report on the event:

We had a great turnout for our Ice Cream Social at Geoge’s Museum. Enough folks in attendance that I’m not gonna try & list any names – EXCEPT 1. Joyce Shierlow was in attendance!! It was fun being with all our friends but this made my day!! Jay Burks was at our Chili Cook off at Greg’s & now this. That’s what makes these gatherings special. The Museum looked great & there was a lot of conversation among members. I was able to move about & talk to numerous members & Joe Peter gave me a tour of his incredible Lincoln Zephyr V12. What a car – love the details!! George had a lot of his more modern babies lined up outside – they all passed inspection. We had all sorts of flavors of ice cream to be gobbled up. I made some dark chocolate chunk marshmallow & cookies & cream & the containers were empty at the end. I learned the best way to get Nancy Herbert to attend is to provide free wine & ice cream. Somewhere around 100 degrees outside bur the group was all chillin in the museum. What an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon.    DJ